Our Mission

Our mission is to make God’s Word more widespread and better known amongst people in the Spanish-speaking world so they get to know God in a deeper way, with a particular emphasis on the spread of Biblical Theology so that people gain an understanding of the unity of the Bible and the progressive revelation of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout its entirety. This in its turn will lead to the development of leaders who can discern contemporary issues in light of Biblical principles. 

In Practice

We carry out our mission is several different ways.

We support the publication in Spanish of key books and materials in a variety of media forms and for a wide variety of age groups, which expound Biblical Theology and its implications for life change in a Christian believer’s daily living.

We provide such resources and materials at a price that the majority of people in the Spanish-speaking world can afford to pay, even if it means providing them below cost price.

We promote these resources and materials with the aim of seeing them widely accepted throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

We promote Biblical Theology through courses and programs which enable people to deepen their understandings of the Bible and to learn to apply it to all situations in life.

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